Adult Kung Fu

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Wushu and Kung Fu: Sport and Art of Self-Defense

Chinese wushu (or kung fu) is a fun sport accessible to people of all ages and goals. Anyone can benefit from the increased flexibility, strength, and coordination that comes with traditional and contemporary wushu training.

Our curriculum is designed for those who are looking for a fun, safe workout, or who are interested in choreographed forms competition.

We also offer training in light contact sparring competition, and we are in the process integrating traditional shuaijiao (Chinese wrestling) training for interested students.

All students learn practical, simple self-defense techniques that are tailored to their individual capabilities, with an emphasis on effective strikes, throws, and joint locks.

Wushu students learn long fist, southern boxing, eagle claw, praying mantis, snake, and similar  routines along with staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear, pudao (long-handled broadsword) three-section staff, chain whip, and more.