Children’s Kung Fu

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Our Children’s Kung Fu Program

Children aged 12 and under will become fit, coordinated, strong, and flexible in our Children’s and Junior Kung Fu classes. We provide a balance of fun and discipline in a welcoming environment. Our youth classes also focus on general fitness and self-discipline, which are important parts of their learning experience.

Our kung fu classes for children aged 12 and under are organized with their special needs in mind. They are divided into two age groups, 3-6 years and 7-12 years. In all children’s classes we maintain an environment of learning and fun while also emphasizing cooperation and mutual respect.

Classes for Children 3-7 Years of Age

Children at this age are just beginning to learn how to control their minds and bodies, so we have designed a special curriculum for them. This curriculum slowly introduces the concepts of kung fu, in combination with more general physical coordination. We are careful to adjust both physical and disciplinary demands to each student’s level of development. At the end of four years most children will have earned the equivalent of a Blue Belt in the regular curriculum.

Classes for Children 8-12 Years of Age

Starting at age 8, most children will be ready to follow our regular curriculum, including limited and supervised sparring. These classes are a little more demanding, requiring more discipline, self-control, and effort.

Classes for Youths 13-17 Years of Age

Almost all teenagers are ready for our regular wushu and kung fu classes.


At the age of six and upon earning an orange belt, children can optionally begin training in sanda, a form of sparring that includes punches, kicks, and throws. Because of the versatility of sanda, it is highly practical for self-defense, and it is also a fun, safe form of sparring competition.

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