Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu

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Sunday, August 12, at 1 pm – Malee’s School 24th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us as we celebrate 24 years of Chinese martial arts instruction in Manchester, Connecticut! Free demonstrations of kung fu and tai chi — barehand and weapons routines — individual and group forms — and a special guest, Grandmaster Qian Yuanze, master of traditional and contemporary martial arts and former head coach of the Jiangsu Wushu Team!

Download our anniversary flyer here for more details.

About Our School

Since 1994, Malee’s School has been providing quality instruction in tai chi and wushu kung fu for students of all ages. We offer a variety of programs to help you meet your goals. Our students come for self-development, mental and physical health, relaxation, fitness, self-defense, and to compete in local, national, and international tournaments.

Our New Location

In 2012,  Malee’s School moved to a new location at 249 Broad Street in Manchester. It has twice the practice area as our previous school, which allows us to offer more classes of a wider variety than before.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Students looking for a gentle form of exercise with proven health benefits will benefit from classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Our advanced classes often teach Push Hands and the traditional self-defense applications of Tai Chi.

Children’s Wushu Kung Fu

Children aged 12 and under will become fit, coordinated, strong, and flexible in our Children’s Kung Fu classes. We provide a balance of fun and discipline in a welcoming environment. Our youth classes also focus on general fitness, mutual respect and self-discipline, which are important parts of the learning experience.

Wushu and Kung Fu

Whether you’re interested in self-defense, competition, or exercise, contemporary and traditional wushu training, along with sparring training, offer one of the most well-rounded forms of exercise you will find. Basic training includes stretching, kicking, self-defense exercises and applications in addition to choreographed routines (taolu). Advanced training includes contemporary wushu for competition, or traditional styles like Shaolin Kung Fu, depending on the student’s age and interests. We also offer basic and advanced training in modern sport sanshou (Chinese kickboxing with wrestling).

Our Instructors

Our part-time and full-time instructors are highly trained and certified to teach by national and international organizations. Malee’s School’s principal and head instructor, Master Malee Khow, teaches most classes, including beginning classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Youth Kung Fu, and Taolu Kung Fu.