Tai Chi

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Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Find balance, peace, relaxation, and fitness with the gentle Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung! Malee’s School’s tai chi classes are taught by Master Malee Khow and her qualified Tai Chi instructors.

About Chi Gong

Chi Kung (qigong) is a form of gentle breathing exercise that develops your Chi energy (qi). It employs easy-to-learn movement patterns that circulate the energy in your body and calm the mind.

We teach traditional chi kung sets such as Eight Pieces of Brocade and Five Animal Frolic, as well as modern forms such at Daoyin Yangsheng Gong that incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Points, and meridians.

About Tai Chi

The ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) is now practiced primarily for its health benefits. It is particularly well-suited to people who cannot do more intense aerobics, or for people who prefer a gentler, more relaxing or spiritually fulfilling form of exercise.

Master Malee is accomplished in standard routines designed for all learners, such as 8 Form and 24 Form Yang Style, as well as Sun Style, Chen Style, and Zhaobao He Style. Students are also given the opportunity to learn tai chi straight sword, broadsword, fan, and short staff.

We often offer classes in push hands and tai chi self-defense applications to intermediate and advanced students.

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