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Join us on Saturday, February 16, 2019,

for our 25th annual Chinese New Year Celebration!

Every year, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival with traditional Chinese cultural activities followed by a catered Chinese buffet dinner.

In 2019, we will be celebrating the Year of the Pig on Saturday, February 16, starting at 1:30 pm with performances of Chinese martial arts, Lion Dance, classical Chinese dance, Cai Shen (the Chinese spirit of prosperity), and other fun activities. A Chinese buffet dinner will follow the performances. Tickets for the dinner are available now.


Lion Dance

Adult and Children’s Kung Fu Performances

Group Basics of Long Fist Wushu
Group Jump Kicks (Adult and Children)
Basic Wushu Kung Fu Exercises for Children
Three Stance Form and Long Fist Kung Fu (Adult and Children)
Gong Li Chuan (Traditional Long Fist Kung Fu)
3rd Duan Long Fist
Group Spear
Group Straight Sword
Children’s Wushu Group Staff
Children’s Wushu Long Fist Group Form
Children’s Group Broadsword

Tai Chi Performances

8 Form Yang Style Tai Chi
24 Yang Style Tai CHi
32 Form “Soft” Chen Style Tai Chi
Sun Style Tai Chi
Tai Chi Sword
Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan
Yang Style Tai Chi Broadsword (Tai Chi Instructors George and Cindy)

Special Performances

Wudang Sword Sparring Set (Master Malee and Instructor Anthony)
Bajiquan (Instructor Anthony, Instructor Kurt, and students)
Double Broadsword (Instructor Anthony)
Fanziquan (Instructor Kurt)
Wushu Straight Sword (Instructor Kurt)
Two-Person Barehand Sparring Set (Instructors Anthony and Kurt)

Dances by Asian Performing Arts (TBA)

Post-Performance Events

Dinner Menu

(1) Singapore Rice Noodles (新加坡米粉)
(2) Yangzhou Fried Rice (扬州炒饭)
(3) Honey Roast Ribs (蜜糖烤排骨)
(4) General Tso’s Chicken (左公鸡)
(5) Crispy Shrimp (脆皮虾)
(6) Tofu with Mixed Vegetables (素什锦)
(7) Beef with Broccoli (芥兰牛)
(8) Spring Rolls (春卷)

School Events

Every year, Malee’s School celebrates the Chinese New Year in the spring and its school Anniversary in the fall with Chinese martial arts performances, classical Chinese dance and lion dance, traditional Chinese customs such as the red envelope and Cai Shen Ye (Chinese Santa Claus), and more. These events are open to the public.

We also feature guest workshops by visiting masters from China. They often offer beginning workshops that are suitable to anyone, regardless of their tai chi or kung fu experience.

Every year since 2012, Dharma Drum Hartford Center has graciously offered one-day meditation retreats at our school.

Malee’s School is frequently invited by schools, senior centers, and other organizations every year to teach and perform tai chi, kung fu, classical Chinese dance, and traditional lion dance. We perform at the Riverfront Dragon Boat & Asian Festival and World Tai Chi Day every year.

Facility Rental

Malee’s School is available during off-hours for rental by organizations for a variety of functions. We have over 2000 square feet of open space and all the equipment necessary for holding events of all kinds, such as birthday parties, dances, and classes. Please contact us for information about one-time or recurring rental costs, including hosted parties.

Our Facility

school photo 3

60″ 1080p TV, blueray player, and a complete professional sound system

24-by-6 foot mirrors on two walls

Projector with a 60″ screen

Upright piano

Over 100 chairs

Twenty parking spaces and plenty of additional parking in the area

Parties and Intro to Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes

We host birthday parties featuring a 30 to 60 minute kung fu lesson for the birthday girl or boy and guests.

We offer Introductory Kung Fu or Tai Chi Classes for schools and other organizations.

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