Visiting Guests and Masters

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We are pleased to announce that we have more wonderful masters of Chinese Martial Arts visiting us this year and performing at the Masters Demonstrations on Saturday, November 2, at 12 noon.


Honorary Chairpersons


Dr. Henry Lee


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Dr. Henry Lee is one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists, former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, and founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science.

Dr. Lee’s website

Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau (Ji Changxiu)  紀昌秀

Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau (Mandarin: Ji Changxiu), born in Xi’an and now residing in Hong Kong, is the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Zhao Bao He Style and Martial Art International Association. Grandmaster Kei is an accomplished master of many forms of traditional and contemporary Chinese wushu, including Zhaobao He Style Tai Chi, of which she is a 11th lineage holder, having studied under Grandmaster Zheng Wuqing.

Grandmaster Kei’s has trained outstanding students around the world over the past several decades, and they have won thousands of medals in competition, including her son Cheung Man Keung (Mandarin: Zhang Wanqiang), former member of the Kong Kong Wushu Team, where he won three silver medals in total at the 4th and 5th World Wushu Championships, Head Coach of the Chinese Wushu (Overseas) Training Institute, and organizer of the annual Hong Kong International Wushu Championships since 2004.

Grandmaster Kei’s student and Tournament Director, Master Malee Khow, has made countless contributions to the promotion and development of wushu in the U.S. since immigrating in 1989.

Special Guests

Gao, Xi'an

Master Gao Xi’an  高西安

A guest professor at the Xi’an Sports Institute, Master Gao is principal of Gao’s Kung Fu Academy in New York City. He is a sixth generation lineage holder in Ma style tongbeiquan, and a national champion and international gold medal winner in this style. Master Gao is also an accomplished actor, choreographer, and trainer, having appeared in films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang  白文祥

Grandmaster Bai was the coach of the Shaanxi wushu team in China and taught such illustrious champions as Master Zhao Changjun, the greatest wushu athlete of the 1980s, and movie star Donnie Yen. Known for his mastery of both traditional and contemporary wushu, Grandmaster Bai was a competitor in China even before the founding of the Chinese Wushu Association.

Master Wen Zuohui  温佐惠

Master Wen is one of the preeminent individuals in the worldwide wushu community. As the former director of the wushu department at the Chengdu Sports Institute and board member of many prestigious institutions such as the Chinese Wushu Association, she has also directed national and international tournaments and training courses.

Master Wen is the chief architect of the official Duan ranking system for traditional Emei Boxing.

 Zhao, Changjun

Master Zhao Changjun  趙長軍

One of the greatest wushu athletes of all time, Master Zhao was the top champion of the 1980s. His remarkable power, speed, and spirit are an inspiration to students of wushu worldwide. He has also acted and directed in films before moving to the United States, where he now resides in New Jersey, operating his own wushu school, the Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy. He also hosts an annual martial arts tournament.

Master Gao Jiamin  高佳敏

Master Gao, the “Tai Chi Queen,” began learning wushu at the age of 8, and later went on to win thirty two gold medals in national and international competition as a member of the Fujian provincial wushu team, earning her the title “top ten wushu superstar” in 1995. She is currently an instructor at the U.S. Wushu Center in Portland, Oregon. Master Gao has nurtured many national champions in competitions in the U.S., Asia, and internationally.

Master Sitan Chen  陳思坦

A member of the Fujian Wushu Team in China in the 1990s, Master Chen was one of the most highly regarded tai chi competitors in modern history, winning 32 gold medals in national and international competition. His success earned him the title “Tai Chi Prince.” He now runs his own school, Sitan Tai Chi and Martial Arts, in New York City, and is president of the America Tai Chi & Health Qigong Center.

Master Chung Yung Chi  鐘永寄

Master Chung is the chief instructor of the Shaolin Culture Center, headquartered in San Mateo, California. A 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple, he is a master of Shaolin kung fu and chi kung. In addition to his many success in competitions around the world, Master Chung has won many awards and honors over the past several decades, including “Asian American Outstanding Service and Contribution Award” from the Asian American Federation. He is also the former head martial arts coach at the ROC (Taiwan) Education Department.

Master Chung is best known for his fun and exciting “Chopsticks Piercing Wooden Board” performances.

Master Hao Qinling 郝勤岭

Master Hao began learning wushu as a child, and later became a 12th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhaobao Taijiquan and 15th generation lineage holder of Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan. In addition to his many honors and prestigious positions throughout China, he is also the Dean and head wushu coach of the World Laozi Research Institute, Vice Chairman of the World Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation, professor of wushu and tai chi at universities in China, and more.

Other Visiting Masters

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Master Justin Benedik

Justin Benedik is one of the top USA wushu athletes and has won several international titles in world competitions. He represented the United States at World Competitions and was also selected as one of 10 top world Wushu athletes to travel as sport Ambassadors to the 2014 Summer Junior Olympic Games, promoting and showcasing the sport of Wushu. He is an Internationally Certified Pan American Wushu Judge who serves as one of the USA team trial judges. In 2018, he opened his own wushu school Taichi Kung-Fu Academy. Currently, he also serves the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).

 Chen, Xiaoyi

Master Chen Xiaoyi  陳笑儀

Master Chen earned her degree in wushu education from Beijing Sport University. She has a 6th duan in wushu, and is a Class I wushu judge and Class I Wushu Athlete. She currently teaches wushu at Harvard University and Wellesley College, as well as at her school, New England Championship Wushu Academy.

 Cheung, Kam Pang

Master Cheung Kam Pang  張錦鵬

Born in Hong Kong, Master Cheung began his training in Chinese martial arts, learning southern kung fu, and later achieving a black belt in tae kwon do. He also studied northern kung fu and weapons, as well as Zhaobao He Style Tai Chi, from renowned Grandmaster Kei Cheong Sau. After a successful career as a competitor, he now lives in New Jersey and teaches at his school, Cheung’s Martial Arts Academy, and other locations.

Master Gao Meijian 高美澗

Master Gao is an expert in modern sanshou (sanda, full contact sparring), having served as the China Wushu Sanshou Team Head Coach, head coach of Military Police Sanshou, and Head Coach of the USAWKF Sanshou Team. He is the owner and head instructor of the J3 Martial Arts Association in Rockville, Maryland. Master Gao has trained hundreds of athletes who have won gold medals in national and international competition.

Master Chen Guodeng  陳國燈

Master Chen, a 13th generation descendant of Chen-style Tai Chi and a descendant of Wing Chun, promotes the integration and innovation of Tai Chi and Wing Chun. Master Chen taught Tai Chi and Wing Chun in Thailand and other Asian countries for many years, and has now established “Tin Ha Wing Chun” school in New Jersey (电话(TEL):9084485039, 微信 (Wechat): william_wolf).

Master Guan Zhirui  管志瑞

Certified as a national Chinese coach and judge, Master Guan began learning traditional wushu at the age of 7, later going on to learn Liu He Ba Fa, Chen style tai chi, and other styles from famous masters such as Grandmaster Xia Bohua, Grandmaster Zhang Guangde, and Grandmaster Xue Jujin, as well as train at the Beijing Sports University. He won many gold medals in competition every year.

Guo, Cunjie

Master “Jack” Guo Cunjie  郭存傑

At the age of eight, Master Guo began training at the esteemed Henan Changyuan School of Martial Arts in Henan, China. He went on to become a national champion as a member of the Henan provincial wushu team. After coming to the U.S. as a performer for Disney World Company, he opened his school in southern Connecticut, the Wu Dang Kungfu Academy, in 2008.

Hou, Min

  Master Hou Min    侯敏

Master Hou began learning wushu at the age of 7, joining China’s national sanda team at age 16, where he represented China in international competition. After retiring from competition, he went on to coach at famous wushu institutions. Since coming to the U.S., he has promoted fighting sports through “Legend of Heroes” (Chairman), the World Wushu Fighting Union (Secretary-General), and the U.S. Wushu Masters Association (Standing Committee member).

Master Jiang Bangjun  江邦軍

Born in Chongqing, China, former Beijing wushu team member Master Jiang had an illustrious career as a competitor in China prior to moving to the U.S. and opening his school, the Professional Martial Arts Academy, in 2006, where he trains many of America’s top wushu athletes. He also holds a degree in training pedagogy from the Shenyang Sports Institute.

Master Lan Chaohai  藍超海

Master Lan first learned traditional Shaolin Kung Fu from his grandfather in Henan, China, later becoming a 34th generation secular Shaolin disciple under the venerable master and Abbott Shi Yong Xin, receiving the Buddhist name Yan Shen. Master Lan moved to the U.S. in 2004, where he now teaches at the New York Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in Flushing, New York.

Master Lee Fang-Chih  李芳芝

Master Lee is the founder and owner of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Fang Association and Asian Crane Tai Chi, LLC. With over thirty years of experience as a Chinese martial arts teacher, she holds a Masters in Recreation Management (Springfield College), and two Bachelors of Science degrees from the National Taiwan College of Physical Education, where she was later appointed an associate professor. She is an international coach and judge of Tai Chi Chuan (World Tai Chi Federation).

Lin Chuantong (2)

Master Lin Chuantong  林傳通

Master Lin trained and later taught at the Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School in Henan, China, where he learned authentic Shaolin martial arts. An international wushu champion, he is also a USAWKF-certified wushu judge. He the principal and head instructor at the Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi school in New Jersey.

Master Lin Ruibin  林瑞彬

Master Lin began learning wushu at the age of 8, mastering many styles as well as qigong from famous masters. In 1991 he won the wushu championships at the Fujian Games, and since then has gone on to win many gold medals in wushu and qigong competition. He has been invited to teach Chinese wushu and qigong in many countries such as the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Korea.

Liu, Alexander

Master Alexander Liu  劉中正

Master Liu of Shandong province is accomplished in traditional Chinese martial arts and qigong, including styles such as Cha Quan and Yang style tai chi. Since coming to the U.S., he has judged at many national and international tournaments over the past 30 years. He currently teaches tai chi and qigong courses at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Master Ma Lincheng  麻林城

A highly ranked wushu martial in China and certified wushu coach in the Chinese Wushu Association, Master Ma is a 5th generation disciple of Baguzhang and a lineage holder in the art of using acupuncture qigong for pain management.

Master Sun Changrong  孫暢榮

Master Sun is a 12th generation descendant of Chen Style Taichi Quan, a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. She is a certified tai chi instructor and certified Health Qigong trainer. She has won numerous Gold and Silver awards in Taichi and Qigong national competitions. Master Sun currently teaches tai chi and Health qigong in New York City.

Master John Tsang  曾韶基

Master Tsang, Executive Vice-President of the U.S. Wushu Masters Association of New York, has been learning martial arts since childhood, beginning with taekwondo and Jauman (游民) Chinese Kung Fu. He is a third-generation lineage holder of Grandmaster Ip Man Wing Chun. Master Tsang is also a master of Fengshui and Chinese astrology.

Wang, Mingxun

Master Wang Mingxun  王明訓

Among his many qualifications, Master Wang, who currently resides in New York City, is a certified judge of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and a sixth degree master of Chinese wushu. He is also the president of the American Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association.

Wang, Rengang

Master Wang Rengang  王仁剛

Master Wang is a master of northern praying mantis and the unique style Dachengquan. He is the founder of the International Dachengdao Kungfu Association. Master Wang has won numerous gold medals in national and worldwide competitions and has served as a judge at tournaments throughout the country. He currently teaches in New York City.

Master Wang Wenguang  王文廣

Originally from Qingdao, China, Master Wang is a 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin temple, and has mastered many other styles, including Tai Chi push hands and Liuhe Bafa. His students have won many medals in push hands competition. Master Wang is a Chinese nationally certified judge and USAWKF-certified national instructor and judge.

Master Wei Wentao  魏文濤

Master Wei of Beijing began learning Chinese martial arts at the age of eight, first from his uncle and later from his grandfather. He studied Tai Chi under Grandmaster Liu Gaoming, a lineage holder of Yang style Tai Chi, and became a disciple of Grandmaster Li Zongru, becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable master of wushu. Master Wei is also known for his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure.

Master Yang Fukui  楊福奎

A graduate of the Tianjin Sports Academy, Master Yang won many gold medals in regional and national competitions. Before coming to the U.S., he taught in Japan on several occasions. In 1995, he opened the Xinyi Martial Arts School in New York City, and he is currently a professor of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Master Wang Yanhua  王燕華

Master Wang is a graduate of Yunnan Medical University, where she also learned Tai Chi from nationally renowned masters. She has been teaching at the New York Chinese Cultural Center since 2001. Master Wang applies her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine in teaching Tai Chi to her students. She is a nationally certified instructor and judge (USAWKF).

  Master Ying Tie    應鐵

President of the America National Martial Arts Kung Fu Center in Bayside, New York, Master Ying Tie is a world champion in traditional wushu and lineage holder in Hebei Xingyiquan and Cheng Style Baguazhang.

Zhang, Guifang

Master Zhang Guifang  張桂芳

Master Zhang is a Class 1 National Wushu Judge and Coach, Class 1 Sports Coach, and 4th Duan Wushu Athlete. She is also a certified coach of the Tai Chi Qigong Association of America and nationally certified Tai Chi Judge. She has over a decade of teaching experience in the U.S., and her students have won many medals in national and international competition.

Master Zhang Yang  張暘

6th duan wushu Master Zhang, currently a Ph.D Student in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland, is a former member of the Henan Provincial Wushu Team. She won many national and international gold medals and receive the title of National Elite Athlete (the highest athletic level in China) in 2005. She is an instructor at the Taichi Kung-Fu Academy.

 Zhang, Liyong

Master Zhang Liyong  張利永

A former wushu team member at the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy of Henan Chinese Kungfu team and Zhengzhou Opera Theater, and a national champion in China, Master Zhang also has a stellar record as a performer at tournaments, as well as in movies and theater. He is also a USAWKF-certified national wushu instructor and judge. He is currently teaching traditional and contemporary wushu in San Jose, California.

Zhang, Yuan 2018

Master Zhang Yuan  張原

Master Zhang, a recipient of Outstanding Citizen Award by a New York Senator, is the principal of Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts School in New York. He has received accolades from the city and state of New York, and by the New York Police Department, for his contributions to the public. In addition, Master Zhang has worked in over a dozen kung fu movies in China in starring roles or as a martial arts choreographer.

Master Zheng Zhihao  鄭志豪

Master Zheng had a distinguished competitive career in the 1970s and 1980s, particularly winning championships in Nanquan (Southern Boxing) events, and promoted wushu abroad in Germany, Australia, southeast Asia, and elsewhere. Since retiring from competition, he has moved to Hong Kong and become involved in film and performance arts as President of Guangdong Arts, Film and Culture LLC.

Master Zou Yunjian  鄒雲建

Master Zou trained under legendary teachers such as Grandmaster Zhao Yong, Grandmaster Wang Pinseng, and Grandmaster He Fusheng. A former member of the Hebei provincial wushu team, Master Zou graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education in 1993. Master Zou is a three-time world champion of tai chi. He operates the Omei Academy and USA Taichi Culture Foundation in Cupertino, California.