Online Instruction

Dear Students:

We were pleased to hear that a lot of you are interested in online learning while we are closed. Many businesses are struggling during this unprecedented period, just as so many of you are; your support is much appreciated, and we are happy that we can provide you with this wonderful form of exercise and self-improvement, which is more vital now than ever.

Having given it a lot of thought, and consulting with our fellow martial arts teachers, we have decided to use Zoom for live online teaching, as many of you have suggested.

Zoom is easy to set up. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device such as your smartphone or iPad. Go to their website to sign up and download the app in a couple quick steps.

Online Class Schedule

The following schedule will take effect on Wednesday, April 8.

Each class will be 40 minutes long. Please warm up and stretch for 10-20 minutes before joining class so that all 40 minutes can be dedicated to teaching you.

Children’s Kung Fu

Wednesday, 5:00-5:40 pm
Friday, 5:00-5:40 pm
Saturday, 12:00-12:40 pm

(We will have separate concurrent classes set up for younger and older children’s/junior Kung Fu students. Instructor Anthony and I will each teach one group.)

Adult Kung Fu

Wednesday, 6:00-6:40 pm
Friday, 6:00-6:40 pm
Saturday, 1:00-1:40 pm

Tai Chi

Tuesday, 6:00-6:40 pm
Thursday, 6:00-6:40 pm
Saturday, 11:00-11:40 am

Tai Chi Instructor Class

Thursday, 7:00-7:40 pm

Prices for Online Instruction

For students who are paying monthly, we will charge you the regular rate for either one or two classes per week.

If you prefer to keep your membership paused for now and do not want to do the online lessons, please let us know and we will not charge you.

If you normally pay us by another method and would like to sign up for the online classes, please give us a call at 860-646-6818.

If you signed up for an annual membership already or prepaid for the session, then you’re all set and do not need to pay for the online classes.

Online Private Lessons

For those of you who have a little more time on your hands and would like individualized instruction, we’re offering private lessons of 20 or 40 minutes. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested.

Facebook Page

We don’t mention it often, but please note that we have a Facebook page with occasional news and photos. We will be using it more in the coming weeks, so check it out!

Thank You!

We will email you again soon with more details about Zoom video conferencing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support! Please stay safe, and good luck to everyone!

Best wishes,

Shifu Malee