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November 2, 2019

9th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships
6th USA Tai Chi Cup
U.S. Traditional Wushu Team Trials
New England Wushu Kung Fu Grand Champion Cup

About Tournament Director

Master Malee Khow (組委會主席許瑪麗)

President, USA National Tai Chi Chuan Federation (USANTCCF) (美國全國太極拳總會會長)
Vice President, USA Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) (美國武術聯合會副主席)
Chairperson, USAWKF Internal Events Committee
Judge, International Wushu Federation (國際武術聯合會裁判)
Owner and Head Instructor, Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu (美國瑪麗太極功夫學校校長兼總教練)
Organizer, USANTCCF Tai Chi Cup
Organizer, New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships
Organizer, USA Traditional Wushu Team Trials

Since 2007, she has served as the U.S. Team Team Manager at ten World Wushu Championships, World Junior Wushu Championships, World Taijiquan Championships, and World Traditional Wushu Championships


6th USA Tai Chi Cup

Master Sitan “Tai Chi Prince” Chen with Master Lynn Lin and Grandmaster Wenxiang Bai leading a tai chi demonstration at the New England Championships


USA Traditional Wushu Taolu Trials


With 20 years of experience, our competitions are professionally organized and run. Register today!


Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu
Opened in 1994

Host of international competitions
Professional, fair, and open judges
Decades of experience practicing and teaching wushu, leading national teams to competitions
Experienced in organizing and co-organizing over a dozen international competitions
Famous visiting masters participating
Professional competition venues


1st New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships

This year marks the 20th Anniversary since the tournament was first held in 1999.

Mr Xu Cai, former Chinese Wushu Federation Chairman, former Asian Wushu Federation Chairman Tournament Honorary Chairman


Xu Cai

Master Malee Khow with world-famous forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee (Tournament Honorary Chairman).

Master Khow with former Chinese Wushu Assocation Chairman Wang Xiaolin, former International Wushu Federation Chairman Li Zhijian, and Mr. Anthony Goh, current IWUF Vice Chairman (right).

At the welcome reception of the Wushu Tournament at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.


Master Khow with wushu superstar Grandmaster Cai Yunlong


Master Khow presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to world wushu champion Master Zhao Changjun


Movie star and wushu Master Gao Xi’an


Master Malee Khow as U.S. Team Manager at the Summer Olympics in 2008



Master Malee was most recently the U.S. Team Manager at the 3rd World Taijiquan Championships in Bulgaria, where the U.S. Team Won 33 Medals in Competition

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10 r


Highlights from previous competitions and Masters Demonstrations

Professional and Dedicated Judges


Competitors full of enthusiasm and ambition


The USA Tai Chi Cup includes male and female competitions with four age groups. Below are some of 2018’s trophy winners!

Judges and Athletes


Friends from All Over the World Participate, including a delegation from Hong Kong in 2018


Master Malee Khow and her Tai Chi and Kung Fu Students
Flourishing Throughout the World
With Grandmaster Qian Yuanze (Top Ten Wushu Coach in China)
And Professor Wen Zuohui (Chengdu Sport University)


Every year, unceasing innovation and improvement


Our annual tournament – inviting America’s most professional, authoritative, and impartial judges for their hard work in supporting the competitive spirit of Chinese wushu




Judges and officials

Judges and competitors

Tournament officials and some competitors

International forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee present as Special Guest of Master Khow, serving as Honorary Chairman, personally appearing at the competition venue to wish everyone a great event!


Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang has served as Chief Referee at several of our competitions, as well as Chair of the USANTCCF Duan Ranking Examinations since 2016


Master Wen Zuohui joined us in 2017 for the Duan Ranking Examinations and the USAWKF Tai Chi Judges Training and Examination Course


Wushu practitioners are the fortunate ones
With shining smiles on your faces

Everyone actively strives to win
You have a chance too!

Master Khow presenting trophies to champions


The tireless and painstaking efforts of our wushu predecessors in difficult circumstances overseas to promote wushu inspires our admiration

Promote Wushu – Never Give up!

Wushu competitions are the best way
To experience and improve your understanding of your wushu ability
Wushu gives us not only a strong and healthy body
It also helps us cultivate a strong moral character


Joyful Participation in Wushu Competitions.
Providing encouragement for raising one’s abilities.
Humble in victory, confident in defeat.
The spirit of wushu is immortal!

Please Join Us on Saturday, November 2! We look forward to seeing you!

Many wushu masters and athletes from around the world will join our competition!

Tournament Homepage  (大會首頁)