Sanda and Kickboxing Seminar and Coaches / Judges Course

1st U.S. Sanda/Kickboxing Development Seminar & Sanda/Kickboxing Coaches/Judges Course is being held in order to further the development of Chinese martial arts combat sports in the US. It will be led by Zou Guojun, a 7-time champion of sanda in China in the 52 kg and 56 kg divisions and 3-time international champion.

The focus of this course is:

  • How to promote and develop Chinese sanda and kickboxing in the US: bottlenecks, strategies, etc.
  • Training and coaching principles for sanda and kickboxing.
  • Judging principles and rules on and off the ring.

This course is ideal for all experienced practitioners of wushu, whether or not they have experience in sanda, kickboxing, or other combat sports.

Date: November 8-10, 2023

Place: Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu, Manchester, CT

Course fee (does not include room and board): $499

Registration deadline: October 31

Contents: 18 hours of lectures and training.

Participants are responsible for their room and board.

Detailed information and schedule