Opening Ceremony and Masters Demonstrations

The Opening Ceremony for the 7th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships will take place on Saturday, November 4, at 9 am, at Nomad’s Adventure Quest.

The Masters Demonstrations are scheduled for 12 noon to 1 pm the same day.

You can purchase tickets for all events at the door for $15, or save some money and reserve tickets online for $10.

Opening Ceremony | 開幕式

Saturday, November 4. 9:00-9:30 am


Lion Dance – Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts Academy


Masters Demonstrations | 名師表演

Saturday, November 4, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm


Asian Performing Arts – Xinjiang Dance

亞洲演藝社 - 新疆舞

Master Gao Xi’an – Tongbeiquan

高西安 - 通備拳

Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang – Xingyiquan

白文祥 - 形意拳

Master Wen Zuohui. Wudang Taiji Sword

溫佐惠 - 武當太極劍

Master Chen Xiaoyi – Wushu Fan

陳笑儀 - 自選扇

Master Cheung Kam Pang – Zhaobao He Style Taijiquan

張錦鵬 - 趙堡和氏太極拳

Grandmaster Calvin Chin – Mu Dong – Yat Hei Ngm Hang Morn


Master Guan Zhirui – Liuhe Bafa

管志瑞 - 六合八法拳

Master Hou Jiguang – Chen Style Taijiquan

侯繼光 - 陳氏太極拳

Master Lan Chaohai – Shaolin Rouquan

藍超海 - 少林柔拳

Master Li Tai Liang – Xinyi Dao Kung Fu

李泰良 - 心意道功夫

Master Lin Chuantong and Master Xiao Li – Taiji Sword, Fanziquan, Double Chain Whip, and Groundfall Boxing

林傳通和肖理 - 太極劍、翻子拳、雙鞭、地趟拳

Master Lin Ruibin – New Frame Chen Style Taijiquan

林瑞彬 - 新架陳氏太極拳

Master Alexander Liu – Cha Quan

劉中正 - 查拳

Master Daniel Ostrow and Sue Hahl – Choy Lay Fut Sparring Set


Master Wang Mingxun – Praying Mantis

王明訓 - 螳螂拳

Master Wang Rengang – Dachengquan Sword Dance

王仁剛 - 大成拳劍舞

Master Wei Wentao – Long Tassel Straight Sword

魏文濤 - 長穗劍

Master Ying Xin – Baguazhang

應欣 - 八卦掌

Master Zhang Liyong – 3-Section Staff

張利永 - 三節棍

Master Zou Yunjian – Taiji Straight Sword

鄒雲劍 - 太極劍

Master Chen Sitan and Master Lynn Lin – Horsetail Whisk Sparring Set

陳思坦和林旭 - 拂塵對練