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8th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships

An open tournament with eight age groups, three experience levels, and hundreds of events in internal and external styles, barehand and weapons forms, light contact sparring and sanda/sanshou, and push hands.

1st-3rd place medals are awarded for each event.

New England Wushu Kung Fu Grand Champion Cup

An advanced competition for practitioners of external styles of Chinese martial arts. The top three competitors in each age group win a trophy.

5th USA Tai Chi Cup

A championship trophy event for the top tai chi and internal styles specialists in the U.S. The top three competitors in each age group win a trophy.

USA Traditional Wushu Team Trials

An open optional event, part of the 8th New England Championships, for competitors who would like a shot at joining the U.S. Traditional Team and competing at next year’s 8th World Traditional Wushu Championships in 2019.

2018 USANTCCF Duan Ranking Examination

Please see the USANTCCF website for more information (forthcoming)

Event Organizers

Organized by Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu and the USA National Tai Chi Chuan Federation

Hosted by the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation

Events Director: Master Malee Khow